Sharing Knowledge


Reading tips for kids and youngsters

Your child’s reading is extremely vital for his or her understanding of all the various subjects as they develop through their study during school and college. Encouraging your child’s reading and being attentive to them as they read are of monumental profit and can facilitate them to apply their reading skills, enabling them to become glowing readers.

Childcare Commandments

  1. Give continuous, consistent loving care---it is essential for the mind’s health as food is for the body.

  2. Give generously your time and understanding; playing with and reading to your child matters more than a tidy, smooth running home.


Innovative Methods of Teaching Science

Science is a dynamic body of knowledge, covering ever- new domains of experience. A good science education must be true to the child, true to life and true to science. It is not mere imparting of information but emphasising on exploration, inventiveness and creativity. Science teaching should be able to nurture the natural curiosity, aesthetic sense and concern for life and preservation of the environment.

Resources and study Material

As a student the best place to look for study material is a library which has over the ages been an essential provider of free books, information, ideas and education. In the modern time this is now replaced with the Internet and website providing these resources. Study material such as notes or guides along with past years test papers, worksheets with sample questions are the most common resources that a student refers to before appearing for competitive exams along with test papers.

Early childhood care and education

Early childhood is a time of remarkable growth with brain development at its peak. It aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and psycho motor skills in order to build a solid foundation for life long learning and well being.